Whistler at Tate Britain 7.5/10

One felt the need to do something cultural in London? Naturally lunch was in order. Hurrah for the Tate Britain which offers a super lunch in the Whistler Restaurant. Perfect for killing two birds with one stone. It is an elegant room adorned by a large mural painted by Rex Whistler which covers all four walls. But this is no art lesson, one suggests you visit and see it for yourself.

More importantly, it has one of the best wine lists in Londinium. Hurrah! The list runs to 46 pages of well priced, carefully selected wines. This is the restaurant that introduced your Doctor to Ch. Meyney and Ch. Malescot St. Exupery.  Both of which are firm favourites. If you see these on a wine list then your search is over.

One was accompanied by Regina Desserta. Being a lady who lunches she did not baulk at the suggestion of joining me.  She was on good form. Ah yes, wine!.. We selected a little Spanish number from Galicia at £29, the Albarino. OK, not a classy wine but it was citrus and fruity. It had been
suggested by our waitress who was a delightful, well-informed young lady. A complete contrast to the sommelier you may have read about in one’s last blog.

Now your Doctor is a fan of the Whistler restaurant and has been for many a year. They always seem to find a good chef and despite it being a while since one’s last visit the standard has been maintained.  Wild trout ceviche was full of flavour. Black Bream from Brixham was tasty and was accompanied by some Chorizo from Kent….Will the Spanish descend upon Kent for such a transgression? It was uber spicey and maybe slightly overpowered the more delicate flavour of the fish.

Regina’s lamb was also from Kent which she obviously enjoyed. One asked for a comment but her mouth was full. We finished with cheese and biscuits which we both chose to follow were rather predictable. Nothing special. Naturally accompanied by a robust glass or two of red wine from a carafe. They have started serving the wine this way as the wine is delivered to them as a in “bag-in-box”. It reminds one of the 80’s and the Stowell’s of Chelsea wine box. Well I never, things are going full circle. Will they start putting corks back in wine bottles?

We both finished with double expressos and we both remarked how good the coffee tasted. The waitress explained that they roast all their coffee on the premises. Maybe they should start selling it in the shop! Mes amis, one is still very taken with this restaurant and is wont to put it as priveé. The food is not Michelin but then it doesn’t pretend to be. It is not overpriced and the ambience, the surroundings and that devilish wine list all make it well worth a visit. Oh yes and don’t forget to visit the art gallery, it really is rather good.

Set menu lunch: Two courses – £29: Three courses £32

Whistler restaurant at Tate Britain
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 7887 8888

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  1. Good food and good art – a terrific combinatio!

  2. Well, what can be better than a happy doctor with the Queen of Desserts by his side? Now funnily enough, in my restaurant review blog, it’s the exact reverse! The Lovely Husband is the doc while I am particularly sweet on puddings and cakes. A great combo, if you ask me, the scientific and the impulsive! Very much enjoying your blog!

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