Wild about Wild Honey – 8.5/10 – £££

Whilst waiting for Hugh Wellington-Livermore (HWL) to arrive at Wild Honey restaurant in Mayfair one observed the young lady standing by a podium at the door whose task it was to greet new arrivals. She stood there for nearly the entire duration of our lunch. She looked terribly bored. This role needs to be rethought as she certainly didn’t have much to do after the initial rush of diners. Fortunately, this is a fine restaurant. It’s the latest restaurant from Anthony Demettre and Will Smith (no, not that one!) who set up Arbutus in Soho which one has previously praised.

As one had arrived early it was not that busy. The room is bedecked with a classy wood panelled wall with red leather banquettes and crisp white tablecloths. It’s a throwback to the stylish, classic interiors of old and your Doctor approves. It is the antithesis of the more sterile styling whiteness you find in Arbutus. A phone rang. Loudly. Very loudly in fact. Everyone in the restaurant looked at the bar where a man with an east Londinium accent shouted “hello!” into his phone. It was nice of him to share his conversation with all of us. I exchanged a smile with the waitress at the bar. We both acknowledged the man’s lack of couth. In the words of someone less eloquent than I….what an arshhole. It shows that one can be in elegant surroundings but some unthinking, selfish individuals can still put the mockers on things. Fortunately he did not shout on the phone for too long. He seemed to be a regular who may have eaten there from time to time but maybe he just went to sit at the bar, drink white wine and shout into his phone.

Oh yes …the Food!….

HWL started with Green Gazpacho soup with beans and one had Rabbit Terrine which in contrast to many terrines was extremely tasty and was almost like a log of rabbit – scrummy! We were both happy. Despite it being a Monday which as one’s dear readers will know should not really be a fish day, one followed with Cod Fillet with white beans and girolles. It was delicious even though it did seem to need something to zip it up in terms of colour as one can see above. HWL chose Corn fed chicken.. “Very tasty” he said and proceeded to extract every last morsel of meat from the bones. He was not a pretty sight with his fingers, face and forearms covered in chicken but he cleaned up quite smartly in time for the Peach and raspberry tart which we both chose. We drank Original Sin from South Africa which was a real surprise as one does not usually go for white South African wines. We were both impressed but then again it does have a Michelin star.

Service was very professional but somewhat perfunctory. With lunch at £29.50 for three courses it’s a fabulous deal. However the wine was £48 a bottle which one had not noticed when one ordered it as one simply asked for “white wine” Was that a bit cheeky of the waitress? Maybe but it was lovely wine which one might otherwise not have chosen. There are more reasonably priced wines on the list. Wild Honey is definitely worth a visit but remember it’s really privee for your Dear Doctor and his chums.

Wild Honey
12 St George Street
Tel: +44 (0)20 7758 9160

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  1. Thanks again Dr Lunch!! Another good place to visit.

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