Daquise – Very Polish(ed)

Nothing is more satisfying than a succulent, juicy, well matured and perfectly cooked steak. When it is uncooked and served as steak tartare however, your Doctor is more cautious as the beef must be of the finest quality or disappointment will ensue. It was a Friday night, and your Doctor and chums were drinking the odd tankard of porter at McSpigget’s when Sir Cosmo Longstaff proposed a meal at Daquise. This is a Polish Restaurant that has been around for many years and has been taken over by the famous Gessler restaurant from Warsaw.

In a trice, with Fortescue and Frobisher also in tow, one found oneself at the restaurant with one’s chums. With its white tablecloths and waiters in uniform, Daquise offers a traditional, classy, yet relaxed ambiance. An idiosyncrasy of Daquise is that Food is served from the pans in which they were prepared. The staff from the kitchen, sweating profusely (one found it to be a rather muggy evening) served with amplomb. Steak tartare was on the menu and this is the reason we were here. We all started with steak tartare. The waiter/chef attended table and expertly chopped the beef, onions and mixed in the capers and raw egg to prepare steak tartare for four.  What a joy to see such attention to detail. The steak tartare was indeed amongst the finest that your Doctor has ever eaten. One’s dear Cook could not wield a nice like this expert technician. One must send her to some classes.

Pork chop came next for the Doctor. It was deliciously cooked in crispy breadcrumbs that truly were the best that your Doctor can remember accompanied by cucumber raita and mashed potato which still retained some texture rather than being creamed. It was indeed very tasty.

Sir Cosmo and Frobisher had the veal served with beetroot and seemed delighted. No dessert as your Doctor is becoming rather portly these days from all his fine dining. Daquise will go on the Doctor’s list of great eateries in London. Best of all it is reasonably priced.

What could compel one to give such high praise? Was the Doctor in a good mood that night? Who knows but the pieces all fell perfectly into place. One must also mention “Ted” (Tadeusc?), the maitre d’ and his eccentric, yet distinctive footwear with whom one chatted briefly before departing. This is a simply divine restaurant. Were this to be situated in Mayfair, the paparazzi would be falling over themselves with praise and the gliteratti would be queueing up the street. So hurrah for the fact that this area is not fashionable. Do not go to this restaurant as such pleasures are reserved for Doctor Lunch and his chums. Harrumph!!! Stay away.

20 Thurloe Street
South Kensington
Tel: 0207 589 6117
Square Meal

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