It’s kicking off

Hurrah! It’s all about to kick off again! And I don’t mean the football. Restaurant reservations are flying in, phone lines are jammed and restaurateurs are making their restaurants as COVID friendly as possible. The lucky ones are those with outside dining. When this is over we shall all be recognised as the hardiest, most weather resistant generation since the cavemen.

Finally, I can get back to having someone else rescuing me with their culinary expertise. Although, the Doctor is not too bad at rustling up a dish or two himself but baked beans on toast can become tedious.

There is only so much one can take in Lockdown. The big question and one that no doubt you are all asking is “where to go first?”. Ahh… Le Gavroche! …missed that a lot. I managed to drag Fortescue there a few times during last year’s lockdown and they have did a stupendous job with their COVID security measures. The screens between tables look like they have been there since it opened and the masks look like a fashion accessory. Well done Michel and team.

Then! Scott’s is fabulous on a sunny day if you sit outside. Watching all the expensive cars with expensive people cruising up and down is a treat.

I personally, shall first visit Rick Stein’s in Barnes on opening day. It’s a hop, skip and jump down the road. Hopefully we will have a lovely view of the River Thames and the sun will be streaming in. The French Table at Surbiton is also already in the diary too.

Then, I have a hankering for Bellamy’s in Bruton Street..It will forever be one of my favourites and they do such wonderful cocktails.Oh, and there is Daquise in South Kensington… Le Columbier, Pollen Street Social… the list goes on! Where to start? Where to stop?!! Will my waistline ever be the same again?

One thing I can say, is that my long time favourite The Goring is probably off the list now after its bling makeover. The old bar has lost its charm, the Veranda is expensive if you just want a simple lunch. Worst of all, after countless years, Brian the brilliant maitre d’ has left for pastures new. I guess he didn’t like what they were doing either. Brian if you are out there…good luck mon brave! Sadly, it just doesn’t have the same allure and besides, they don’t do a set lunch in the main restaurant! Harrumph!

Some of the restaurants on the new hitlist are not yet known to Fortescue. He has determined “never to go into London again”. He says that with the congestion charge operating near 24 hours puts him off. He used to drive into town but paying £15 just to go to his club in the evening is not his thing. So, he also resigned from his club! London will miss him and all those lunches and dinners unless, I can persuade him otherwise. (insert evil laugh).

Anyhow, for anyone interested I am contemplating going to the following restaurants..hopefully with Fortescue!

  • Kiln – Soho, London – maybe Fortescue may not like this one 😦
  • Caractere – well it is run by Emily Roux!
  • Andrew Edmunds – Lexington Street, Soho, London

Any views on my choices or additions?

Finally, I wish a hearty “bonjour” to all my (ex?) followers, friends, acquaintances. I hope you are all keeping safe. Who knows what I might write about next, I do ramble a bit but then this has been a bit cathartic!. Lets just say, no doubt like all of you, I miss the camaraderie, the food, the wine and the good conversation! Anyone for lunch? (sod the tennis).

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  1. Sir Cosmo will certainly join you for the Kiln adventure.

  2. Great to hear you are safe and well – miss you both at the golf but you seem to be enjoying pastures new!

    A couple for the list – Pied à Terre in Fitzrovia is a favourite of mine, as is Coya in Mayfair. The latter might not suit Fortescue, but the ceviche and cocktails are to die for.

  3. Aah. Andrew Edmunds, it will be good to experience that bohemianism and the tastes again.

  4. Great to see the Doctor making plans! Being locked up (sorry ‘down’) is not good for one’s soul. Your recommendations on the other hand are most definitely soul food. Hoping to meet at Bellamy’s again soon – it has been far too long!

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