Every painted plate? – 8/10

Art lovers!! Shiori‘s chef, Takashi Takagi is an artist! Six courses of the tasting menu and each one a masterpiece framed on a beautiful plate. For £65 per head one commences with a tofu square in a dainty bowl, followed by a clear soup containing green leaves coated with a most peculiar natural jelly-like substance. The jelly plays havoc with one’s chopstick skills and was no doubt specially designed by those pesky Japanese! Bah! One would elucidate one’s readers with its name but one had imbibed a few cups of sake (ahem..cough)

Shiori is a small, bijou Japanese eatery of minimalist design in dark wood. Your dear Doctor is an adventurous sort as you know. The Inscrutable one had been in raptures about this eatery and so with Masterton and Fortescue in tow together with American chums Remington and Myerscough, we had sullied forth.

Nigiri Sashimi was excellent as was the fish course which contained excellent mackerel and pollock (see daguerreotype – it’s the long blue plate with its own paintbrush!).

All this was finished off with a choice of ice creams. One chose the green tea, others had smoked tea or sweet potato. All seemed happy after many warm sakes had been polished off there was no doubt that this was something special. The inscrutable one put his fists together in front of him and declared…”this is my favourite Japanese restaurant in London”. He was happy, the patron was happy, we all were happy and the world was perfect.

The Shiori
45 Moscow Road
W2 4AH
Tel: 020 7221 9790


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