One step closer to Heaven

Fortescue dined at Mossiman’s and was effusive in his praise. It sounds delightful and the complete antithesis of the abominable Mc Spiggets. He was accompanied, no invited by Lady Hartwell and Lady Sloane . This is no ordinary restaurant  dear readers. It is a private dining club and one can only eat here if one is (or is with) a member. Your dear Doctor has of course been here in the past but has not had an invitation recently.

Mossiman's starters

Housed in a beautifully converted 19th century church with bell still in place, one must feel one step closer to heaven. Judging by Fortescue’s report, he may have found it. He gushed over the festive décor – “pr istine white decorations intermingled with sparkling white fairly lights –  magnificent!”.  He ate “delightful dressed crab, followed by a bronze turkey steak with trimmings”. “wonderful freshly prepared cranberry sauce”, Starters on the table were “Beetroot Salad with Cotswold Soft Boiled Quail Egg an Watercress, delightfully presented followed by succulent, tender Saddle of Scottish Venison with Red Cabbage, Spatzle and fresh Juniper Berry Sauce.   This was handsomely complemented with a bottle of Givry 1er cru 2007  from La Grande Berge.  Their rapture ended with Traditional Christmas Pudding accompanied by Cinnamon and Clove Ice Cream and Anton’s Bread and Butter Pudding.

Heavens, it sounds like paradise…. if some poor lonely soul is a member and would like company one can assure you that your dear Doctor is exceedingly good company!

11b West Halkin Street,
Belgrave Square,

Tel: + 44 (0) 207 235 9625

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